Friends, enemies, strangers,
welcome! to my ‘about me’ page. i couldn’t be happier that you’re here, looking at my most successful mirror selfie to date. (did people respond to it because i am beautiful, or because they were being supportive of the community? like many issues, there may be nuance here.)

my name’s ro daniels and i’ve decided to repurpose the old bland-blog into an honest-to-god artist portfolio site! use the mouse or tracker pad on your computer to navigate around and leave comments, or simply look on silently, forming your own, mysterious judgements. if you’re on a tablet or smartphone, you may use your fingers for the same purpose.

over the coming weeks and months and years, i hope to populate this page with the various prizes and favourable reviews my as-yet-unpublished work is sure to receive. in the meantime, enjoy the following short description of me and my work:

ro daniels is a student of creative writing at cambridge university. their main focus is poetry, with a particular interest in conceptual and visual work. they translate from russian and czech into english, and also work in an independent bookshop in sheffield. they’ve coped with the lockdowns of 2020 largely by sleeping through the day and getting into herbal tea.