An Apology

I haven’t written anything in almost a full calendar month and gone a full lunar month. Reader, I’m sorry. I know you rely on my droplets of wisdom at least bi-weekly to keep your Ro-levels within a medically advisable range.

Here’s what I’ve been doing instead of blogging:

  • Editing pictures of concrete buildings to look like backdrops for Soviet propaganda posters (see above);
  • Learning about Ksenia Sobchak’s 2018 presidential bid (for an oral presentation that I just now fucked up);
  • Participating in a wholesome collective of like-minded dwellers (by which I mean – cooking team teas with my flatmates);
  • Bothering pigeons;
  • Experimenting with new drugs (got prescribed new SSRIs);
  • Refining my taste in lime ‘n’ soda (fresh lime > syrup);
  • Ignoring voice mails.

As you can see, I’ve been very busy and I’ve spent a lot of time doing interesting things. Also, not insignificant is the fact that we don’t have Wi-Fi at home yet. How can I be expected to produce the same bland content when I can’t pen my masterpieces from the comfort of my bed?

Still toddling on,

One comment

  1. retiredmartin · Oct 21, 2019

    Apology accepted. But you have been missed.

    Are the concrete buildings somewhere we can visit and try and replicate your art for ourselves.

    Don’t people go in cafes, linger over a flat black and use their Internet these days?

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