Excellent ways to name your pets: Volume VII

Here it is: the seventh in this pet-naming epic, soon to be adapted for film.

Excellent ways to name your pets.

Parts of London and Weather Types

This method is inspired by Brits’ well-documented obsession with weather.

Tip: Can also be used to name cocktails.

  • Islington Drizzle
  • Shoreditch Sunshine
  • Arkley Showers
  • Dartford Flurry
  • Orpington Gale
  • Chelsea Coldsnap


  1. theparakeetperch · Apr 24, 2018

    I wish I had seen this before I named my Conure two days ago. I struggled until I “borrowed” the name Mango, which is apparently popular for sun conures. It would have almost been ironic to give him a name associated with rain, since he is a “sun” conure! Birdie McFluffypants is still on the table.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. chattykerry · Apr 24, 2018

    Your vet’s assistant will love you….😁


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