Interpreting your Dreams For a Fourth Time

When dreaming, the average human burns over four calories an hour!


Oh dear! Dreaming of sheep is fairly common amongst the stressed or disorganised – in fact, Google searches for “I dreamt of livestock and it scared me” peak during times of elevated national stress levels, like during exam season or just before the final of Bake Off.

Luckily there’s a simple explanation for all that wooliness – and you’ll kick yourself when you hear it.

Think back to the last time you dreamt about sheep, then think further back to the moments before you fell asleep. Have you got it yet?

That’s right! Silly, distracted sausage that you are, you counted dreams instead of sheep to help yourself drop off. It’s well known that visualising sheep, perhaps grazing in a field or jumping over a hedge, is a sure-fire way to doze off, but counting dreams is an untested method, often resulting in bizarre dreams!

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