Interpreting your Dreams Once More


Your uncle

We’ve all had it: that weird, Being John Malkovic-esque dream where you’re walking through a crowded city, and everyone has the face of your uncle. You wander the streets for a while, bemused, but your uncles seem to be getting more and more agitated and it puts you on edge.

Before long, you’re running for your life towards the (mercifully deserted) railway station, pursued by a pack of baying uncles. You try to escape by getting on an empty train, but when the ticket collector asks for your rail card, you see that he also has your uncle’s face. You jump out of the train window, the conductor’s hands grasping at your coat, and, thoroughly freaked out, you rush into an abandoned flat.

From the window, you can see thousands of replicas of your uncle wandering the streets, and you feel a sinking horror. Although you already know what you’ll see, you can’t stop yourself from going to the mirror. Looking back at you – your uncle.

Don’t worry! This is totally normal – in fact, some scientists suggest that the real weirdos are the ones who don’t have this dream.

Whilst it might be scary at the time, the real meaning behind this dream is pretty simple: your uncle is a metaphor for family obligation, and although you try to flee your responsibilities (or, “your uncles”), as all young adults do, you come to realise that you are an integral part of your family structure. At its essence, it’s a dream about belonging.

Either that or, you know, you’re repressing something.

One comment

  1. S. M. Saves · Mar 30, 2018

    “This is totally normal – in fact, some scientists suggest that the real weirdos are the ones who don’t have this dream.”

    Guess I’m for reals a weirdo. 🙂 Never had a dream like this before. I’ve had the opposite, where I’m looking for someone specific but see everyone else instead.


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