It’s the new craze sweeping the nation: bedecked in cricket gear, waving bells and handkerchiefs, the youth of today are obsessed with Morris Dancing. Whilst it may seem harmless, kids sucked into the heady world of English traditional dance risk social ostracisation, as well as significant bell related injuries.

Parents should be vigilant in order to protect their children from this menace. Keep an eye out for the tell-tale signs – skipping everywhere, singing about rolling hills, hanging out with bearded men are common, but teens may also invest in accordions and ribbons.

Those teens wishing to share info about upcoming Morris gigs, as well as erecting maypoles, might resort to text speak in order to confuse their parents. The following is a list of the most common acronyms used to conceal teens’ true meanings.

  • DTF – Dance the Folksyway
  • FTW – Feasting til Whitsun
  • WTF – Wave the Fiddle
  • BRB – Baldrics to Bellpads
  • G2G – Get to Goldsmiths’
  • STFU – Spangly Tights Forsale – URGENT
  • IRL – Intriguing Ribbon Loop
  • IIRC – It Isn’t Really Cool


  1. nesha e´ · Mar 13, 2018

    thank you for following my blog. your is awesome! 😅


  2. The Vintage Toy Advertiser · Mar 13, 2018

    Brilliant post. In my teenage days before mobile phones we had to use CB radios and engage ‘good buddy’ speak to organise our Morris Dance meet ups and stay under the radar of parents. ‘Breaker One Four for a Copy’ soon became our code for Birmingham meetings – ‘B14 for a Cider’. I never wanted to Morris in the first place, but was Morris-ganged one night by three chaps and a lady in white gowns who I mistook for a passing team of medics. I guess it was the lure of the ribbons. Later came the bells and decorative hats. Pure drugs. My parents finally caught on and helped me to escape when they discovered the beard I was growing (no easy task for an eleven year old girl believe me). Finally I was free from the world of Morrissing, and today I am left with relatively few flashbacks.

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  3. cathysrealcountrygardencom · Mar 13, 2018

    I Morris danced before it was subversive!


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