Interpreting your Dreams Again

Dreams connect us, so they say, to the metaphysical world. Let’s explore their meanings together.


Ever jerked awake suddenly, with the horrible feeling that you were falling? I read a really interesting article about that, but I can’t remember what it said, so I’m just going to make something up instead. I think it had to do with your body freaking out because your muscles suddenly relaxed as if you’d died, or something sciencey like that.

My explanation is much simpler: the reason you have such a vivid sensation of falling is that you actually were falling.

Think about it! When have you ever felt like that before? I’ll tell you – when you were falling. And be honest – your imagination isn’t that good. You can’t just pretend to fall and have it feel that real, so you must have been actually falling. Stands to reason.

The question remains – where were you falling from? Well, boys and girls, that’s for the scientists to explain. I just write the blogs.


One comment

  1. M.Bakunin, founder of collectivist anarchism · Feb 20, 2018

    These blog insights are too revolutionary anarchistic even for me


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