ro x daniels is an emerging poet and artist based in sheffield. they completed a master’s degree in creative writing at cambridge university, for which they submitted a memoir-in-graphics which explores nonbinary identification in a hostile world.

Everything Body: a manuscript

I’m looking for a home for my manuscript, Everything Body, which I wrote and submitted as part of my master’s degree.

Everything Body is a series of meditations on corporeal embodiment and physicality presented in graphic form. It explores life as a non-binary soul in a female body – and whether that analogy holds water at all. The work occupies the darkest part of a Venn diagram comparing memoir, essay, and comix.

Everything Body has been reviewed by Georgie Broad here, and a chapter of it is available to read on Cult. Magazine here.

Agents, presses — feel free to get in touch using the socials buttons above or by emailing me at mammothro [at] gmail [dot] com.

Everything Body is nothing short of a modern masterpiece, but then again that can also be said of its creator, Ro Daniels.”

George Broad (review of E.B.)

All of This is True

a chapter from everything body has been published by the good folks at Cult. Magazine.

this part of my book explores a changing relationship to sex. is it a natural disaster, like a tidal wave? is it a cyclical process, like leaves changing? could it be both?? read here.

strong CW for sexual violence.



Hot Pink

a poem about my wonderful grandma appeared in issue 11 of lucent dreaming (WHERE DREAMS FOLLOW YOU).

lucent dreaming is an amazing journal which curates only the best surreal, weird-ass lit and art.

my poem is available here with fucked formatting; if you want to see it in its glory, get the print issue here.


part of my short story, ‘enby’, was picked up by hotel amerika for their 20-year edition. it’s an honour to have my work in print, especially in such a fantastic magazine.

the edition is buyable here for seventeen dollars US — a steal almost 200 pages of work.



Portrait of a Photograph

chuffed that ‘portrait of a photograph’ has appeared in issue two of cobra milk. it’s a picture of friend Thom’s face but what if instead of lines it was words.

my poem is on page 18, and my bio is on page 117. the other pieces in this issue are spectacular and well worth a browse !

hosted at Cobra Milk // Issue 02 // Spring 2021

Number 5

cycle of poems exploring how it feels to be a foreigner, trolleybuses, and how cold it can get in winter. don’t worry if you can’t read russian — that’s part of the charm !

the structure was made by whiting out words from “Московия в представлении иностранцев XVI-XVII в.” & leaving the punctuation & a few of the words in black.

hosted at Ninth Letter (winter 2021 web edition)



Ro’s Complaint

just a bit of fun

hosted at Bureau of Complaint, brilliantly curated by the remarkable LJ Pemberton.